Colston Bassett Stilton 


I think I finally have been able to burn myself out on burrata.  I once never thought this would be possible…even considered "burrata rehab"...but alas the addiction has sorted itself out.  It has been a good run - but after months of spending every Friday night stuffing myself with it's creamy goodness - I have decided to move on to a new cheese obsession…

Colton Bassett Stilton….

Colston Bassett Stilton has a velvet, close texture with a pale ivory paste, grading to amber at the edges and marbled with greenish blue veins. The rind is dry and crusty, grey-brown in color, slightly wrinkled and with white powdery patches. The flavor ranges from mild with a sharp edge when young, to rich and tangy when mature.  

It is gorgeous with damson and a nice toast…like one that has cherries, almonds, and linseeds.  Discover the yin and the yang, when the fruity, slightly sweet and crunchy toast finds it's match in the slightly salty and yielding texture of the cheese…


perfect for spring with a nice glass of white…

And of course, the rind is vegetarian!  

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