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My kids love the PlanetBox.  Every Friday at Vivienne's school they have a "rubbish free" day where the children bring in a lunch that requires no packaging. I thought this was an awesome idea…and I personally strived to make every day…a day without excess waste.   Besides saving a bundle on zip-locks and napkins…you also save the planet in the process.  No matter what your political standing whatever country you reside…you cannot argue that eliminating garbage is better for everyone in your corner of our global village.  Andrew and I have been in many countries where there is no "Department of Sanitation" to come and remove your daily refuse.  What we take for granted in first world countries, is a luxury in second and third.  If you could not easily get rid of what you "toss off" daily - you might rethink how you look at rubbish.  

I have never been more saddened then when I traveled from New Delhi (India) to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.  For two hours straight I looked out the window and saw endless piles of trash.  Children playing in trash…people defecating in the same trash….useless items….and waste…that could easily be eliminated.  

Planetbox might not change the conditions in 3rd world India - but it can make a major difference in your community.  Imagine if every child in every school in your city or town used a lunch box that required no packaging….amazing!  And…you might just be helping those children in places around the globe…because many of the shopping bags you cast off in your own bin…often end up in developing nations…

And - this lunch box is not just for kiddies…I just order one for Andy to take his own fabulous dining options to work.  

What is even better - this is awesome  for kids.  You have your choice of multiple magnets - and can personalize the "box" to your child's taste.  I personally ordered one box for each child - then 2 sets of magnets so we could shake it up and add a bit of diversity to their day.  And, if you are the type of parent that likes to send personalize daily messages to your babes in the form of a post-it note - then….it could not be more perfect…as it opens up to your ……….daily devotion!  

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